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about me

I attended Blazing Star Herbal school for 2 years, from 2013-2015 completing 400 hours of study. I graduated from Mildred Elley in May of 2016 as a Massage Therapist.

I learned through my studies the amazing tools we have in our lives to feel better, look better.

In 2015 I opened an Etsy online store, and began selling my herbal creations. It felt wonderful to know that people from all over the country & sometimes the globe were enjoying my creations! I wanted to move forward and have another tool under my belt to offer people looking to feel great, massage was that next step for me. Life is so stressful yes, but there are so many things we can do to offset the stress. With even just a little consistency & commitment to self care, you'd be amazed at how things can look up or turn around! With sound body, mind and spirit. I have experienced this for myself and continue to be reminded of why I am so passionate about these things.

I am a licensed massage therapist, herbalist, fire dancer + environmental science student. At your service to help you achieve your health goals. I am enthusiastic about self care, travel, photography, and animals. When I'm not working I'm usually with my 2 beloved dogs, cat + snakes.

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